About Us

The Skydiving Destination for Banff and Lake Louise

Since 2011 Extreme Yeti Adventures has been providing the ultimate skydiving destination in Golden, BC. Whether you are a Canadian or a World Traveler you do not want to miss out on one of the top activities near Banff and Lake Louise.

Skydiving with us is just the beginning. Located in the beautiful and supernatural British Columbia, Golden is a hidden gem which will not disappoint. While you are here take the time to explore the great restaurants and good food, live music, and natural beauty of Golden. If skydiving leaves you craving more, you can continue your adventure in Golden with some of our other top activities and things to do, ranging from relaxation to other extreme activities and so much in between.

Our Highly Trained Team Puts Your Safety First

Extreme Yeti Adventures delivers the highest quality of training and professionalism by keeping our focus on safety and adhering to and exceeding the rules and regulations set forth by The Canadian Sport Parachuting Association and Strong Enterprises.

Our skydiving instructors are trained members of the Canadian Sport Parachute Association with significant experience in the field of skydiving. Not only are they qualified to keep you safe, but it is our upmost goal to give you the experience of a lifetime with a high level of customer service and a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Our aircraft is supplied by Okanagan Air Ventures, who ensures their aircraft is held to a rigorous maintenance program. Regulated by Transport Canada and the FAA, our aircraft meets the high standard of the Canadian Aircraft Maintenance Organization.

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